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  PaulsRabbit: A series of eBooks in standard PDF and Kindle format, mostly created by Paul Adams from others' writings. PaulsRobot: Online stress release sessions for normal people. Address what YOU choose to handle


Comments about Devoted to the Cult - Book 1: An Orphan With Parents and PaulsRabbit eBooks on this message board thread mostly

Good twin's avatarOMG Paul. This is fabulous. I really enjoyed the ebook with Dart's posts. I can't wait to get started on this one - Good twin

Been Done Had's avatarPaul - This is unbelievably generous of you! Truly a righteous labor! Thanks! - Been Done Had

Wisened One's avatarYEAH, Paul! I'm sure Bea's gonna LOVE this! - Wisened One

This is an excellent piece of work. Good job! - Boojum

AnonLover's avataroh what awesomeness!! thank you for your due diligence, this is fantastic!! - AnonLover

Panda Termint's avatarThank You! Paul, this is just one of the best ways to highlight the valuable data contained in the threads here on ESMB. Your e-books make it all so readily accessible and easy to assimilate. Thank you, the work you've done on this is VERY appreciated. - Panda Termint

programmer guy's avatarPaul - This is another great work from you. I hope that you continue with this - programmer guy

Free to shine's avatarPaul, fantastic stuff! Much appreciated, you are awesome. - Free to shine

Tim Skog's avatarThanks Paul. Obviously much hard work went into this. Consider this a commendation chit and file it in your ethics folder. Seriously, great job - Tim Skog

Thanks for your time and effort. - degraded being

scooter's avatarThanks again paul - I'll probably spend time I don't really have reading this one as well. You do a great job - please don't stop. - scooter

Terril Park's avatarSo cool man! - Terril Park

There's so much valuable information, so many insights, and so many compelling personal stories seeing the light of day on EX Scientologist Message Board. The cult of Scientology loves to erase information, but it loves to erase people - and their true stories - even more. PaulsRabbit eBooks make these stories available, in easily readable compilation form, and with a glossary and index! Thank you, Paul. - Veda

Amadeus Einstein's avatarPaul, the work you are doing compiling these e-books is awesome. Thank you! - Amadeus Einstein

Vinaire's avatarPaul - Just this idea of highlighting information on ESMB through e-books is genius. - Vinaire

feline's avatarAnother wonderful job, Paul. I have a two day car ride coming up at the end of the week. I will print this out to go with my Dart book and will have plenty of time to read them both! This format makes the information so much easier to share. That is really helpful for people who don't have the patience to mine the forum. Many, many thanks! - feline

Div6's avatar+<9000 Internets You have a paypal account? I'd like to send you some beer money... [he did] "He may be a Dull Old Fart, but he knows how to edit with heart......" - Div6

KnightVision's avatarWow! This is Incredible! I can't thank you enough for this great gift!! Thank you very much Paul. - KnightVision

SchwimmelPuckel's avatarTotally awesome Paul! - Magnifiscent, wonderful and impressive! I'm gonna read all that again! - It'll be a joy! - And a worry... Bea's story makes me worry... For her, and for all those I don't know about... - SchwimmelPuckel

Axiom142's avatarPaul, You've done it again! You really will have to start charging for these. Thank you for all your hard work. - Axiom142

Pixie's avatarThis is wonderful Paul. You're a genius. Well done on all that hard work, really excellent and thank you! - Pixie


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Simple write-up: How to Make and Read a Simple eBook


PaulsRobot eBooks:
PaulsRobot Vol1 cover

PaulsRobot Vol 1: Trio

400 KB MOBI (Kindle) file | 400 KB EPUB file | 675 KB PDF file


Paul's Rubik eBook:
Rubik Shepherd and Tartan Solutions cover

Rubik's Cube: How to Solve the Shepherd Cube and the Tartan Cube

300 KB MOBI (Kindle) file | 225 KB EPUB file | 275 KB PDF file


Alan C. Walter eBooks:


Free Knowledgism Dictionary withdrawn at request of copyright owners. Sorry. Buy one for $97 from their website.


ACW Lightlink Archives

1.2 MB PDF file | 700 KB Kindle (MOBI) file


The ESMB Posts

2.8 MB PDF file | 1.8 MB Kindle (MOBI) file


penetration cover
Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy

by Ingo Swann

I made up a new PDF and eBook version of this with bookmarks and corrected some typos etc. from the copies available at the Internet Archive. (

Free downloads: 500 KB PDF file | 275 KB Kindle (MOBI) file


The Miscavige Legal Statements:
A Study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection
by Larry Brennan

©2010 Larry Brennan

This is entirely Larry's work. I am merely hosting it for him here.

It can be downloaded for free here (right click and select "Save [Target] As"):

Download Here

The Miscavige Legal Statements: A Study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection(1.3 MB PDF file)

The Miscavige Legal Statements: A Study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection


Devoted to the Cult
Book 1: An Orphan With Parents
by Bea Kiddo

©2008 Bea Kiddo and Paul Adams

Compiled and edited from her public posts to the Ex-Scientologist Message Board, this is the story of 30 years of Bea Kiddo's life from birth until four years ago.

This eBook is a bilingual one. The original language (Scientologese) has been left intact so that people who speak it won't be perturbed by its having been "dumbed down", but over 300 footnotes and a full glossary should make it comprehensible to a reader who does not speak the lingo at all.

It is more or less in its final form, apart from a missing chapter that Bea may add at some future date.

The current eBook edition was published 15 December 2008 (very minor revision 21 September 2015) and can be downloaded for free here (right click and select "Save [Target] As"):

Download Here

MOBI (Kindle) 265 KB) | EPUB 415 KB | PDF 770 KB

Devoted to the Cult Book 1: An Orphan With Parents



Dart Smohen: The Real Story
Additional Commentary by Alan C. Walter
©2008 Dart Smohen and Alan C. Walter

Compiled and edited with their permission from public posts to the Ex-Scientologist Message Board, this is an ongoing work. The main body contains 27 chapters matching Dart's most important threads, and one chapter containing some of his other posts.

Navigation throughout is made easy by clickable bookmarks matching not only each chapter title, but also the headings and sub-headings which have been added to the original posts. In addition, footnotes and a comprehensive alphabetical index have been provided.

It is more or less in its final form, for now at least. Dart has said he has finished writing his story for the time being. There will be minor changes to add some more footnotes etc.

The current eBook edition was published 16 December 2008 and can be downloaded for free here (right click and select "Save [Target] As"):

Download Here

Dart Smohen: The Real Story (250KB .mobi [Kindle] file)

Dart Smohen: The Real Story (1.3 MB PDF file)

Dart Smohen: The Real Story


Comments about Dart Smohen:The Real Story on this message board thread mostly

avatar of Cat's SquirrelGreat idea Paul! Dart's insights are always worth reading. - Cat's Squirrel

avatar of Panda TermintI'm reading it now... great job Paul, Dart, Alan! This is going to save a lot of hunting back and forth in the archives. - Panda Termint

avatar of Great stuff Paul! I knew you weren't just a pretty face. ... Anyway, thanks for doing this. It will be a invaluable resource for anyone wanting to know the true story of the origins of the 'Tech'. - Axiom142

avatar of Amadeus EinsteinThis looks like it's going to be an invaluable resource. Thanks Paul. You rock. - Amadeus Einstein

avatar of Good twinThank you Paul. this is fantastic!! - Good twin

avatar of VinaireGreat Job, Paul. - Vinaire

Wow! This is a pleasant surprise. Fantastic! - Veda

avatar of Div6This is effin awesome! You mind if I print a few off, to hand out at raids and such? I know a few SO'ers still in that really should have a copy...... Thanks Paul, Dart and Alan - Div 6

avatar of SchwimmelPuckelCool! - SchwimmelPuckel

Wow, Paul! What a lot of WORK - thanks for doing this and for making it available to all of us! - FinallyMe

avatar of LovesnightskyWOW that is bloody fantastic Paul!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! - Lovesnightsky

What a terrific Thanksgiving gift. Thank you, Paul. - Challenge

avatar of Free to shinePaul you are a Legend! I had some vague idea of bringing them together somehow, and you did it without fuss, terrific. - Free to shine

Thanks for your good work! - degraded being

avatar of ceedia Paul, not a dull old fart - a darling darling good old fart for sure! Thank you for this - it's a bloody ripper! - Ceedia

Very WAAAAAAY COOL, all of you and especially PAUL! YO! You are the MAN! - Mark A. Baker

nice. i've searched for and read several of dart's posts. nice to have them collected here. thanks. - Operating Wog

avatar of Lynn Thanks, Paul. It's a "page-turner." - Lynn

Nice job, Paul (and of course, Dart and Alan). - Lurker

avatar of Programmer GuyPaul, Wow! You did a good job. - programmer guy

avatar of wogmonsterI downloaded it and read it today. It is quite wonderful and has answered many questions I have had about the early days and the evolution of the cult. Thanks, it has helped me identify some of the places I got hooked in with Scn. Also helps me see the adversarial SciLons of today as the automatons they are. Wonderful stuff! - wogmonster

VWD Paul You have done the world a significant service! - Roland ami

avatar of EmmaThis is fantastic Paul. Really well done. - Emma

Simply marvelous. A big thank you to Dart and Alan for their writings. This is of tremendous value. - dchoiceisalwaysrs

avatar of LeonGood work, Paul. Thanks. - Leon

I bookmarked dart a week ago with the intention of starting from post number 1 and working through to present time .... now I can print and read this wherever I like ... fantastic ... Many thanks Paul. - I told you I was trouble

avatar of tookmeawhilePaul, What a great idea and I love it! I'm almost done reading it. Many thanks to Dart, Alan and Paul for their great posts on the boards. After 28 plus years in Scio, things are starting to make more sense. Plus your stories are so darn interesting!!! Your data is SO valuable to us Ex-Scio's. - tookmeawhile

avatar of byte301This is important work, Paul. Thanks for taking it on. - byte301

avatar of scooterPaul thanks - i downloaded it last night and spent way too long reading it fills so many gaps in the story for me that it really makes sense of the madness that's Co$ It's re-inspired me to get cracking on my own story and get that wrapped up and out there. - scooter

avatar of lurkanonThank you very much for compiling the e-book Paul, it makes for excellent reading. Appreciate the time and effort you put into it. - lurkanon

Thanx much for the compilation, Paul. I had missed a couple of those threads, and this makes it much more accessible. - xwc

avatar of Pliny YoungerA very unique and brilliant way to house some damn good information. - Pliny Younger

avatar of klidovPaul-this is wonderful!! Thank you!!! - klidov

avatar of AnonyMaryHi Paul, I came across this book while google searching for a name of someone I knew. I stopped everything I was doing and read the whole thing! . . . This is a must-read for everyone. A telling and humorous book about life in scientology in the early days by an old timer, and his thoughts on scientology before and after having left. His recollections of Hubbard and others are priceless. - AnonyMary

avatar of CarmeloOrchardsI've printed, forwarded, and sent others to your Dart chronicles. The feedback has been highly favorable. - CarmeloOrchards

avatar of omnomI do have to say, since I don't think I did before, thank you for this, Paul. Having an edited story (especially with Alan's commentary) is very helpful to understanding more about the early days. - omnom




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